About Me

I'm Nayda.

I've been called many things by people: Nadya, Neigh-duh, Nadine, Narnia, and even Cheryl and Linda...

My name (pronounced "Nigh-Duh") was given to me by my mom after her brilliant cousin who is an extremely successful engineering professor in Puerto Rico--I think my mom had high hopes for me to take after her. ;)

Mom's from Puerto Rico and Dad's from Iran. Pretty crazy, right? I had the best of all three worlds growing up. Especially when it came to the food! My parents owned a Puerto Rican restaurant for most of my childhood, Puerta Azul, in St. Paul, MN.

I've been working in higher education for the past ten plus years. I don't ever intend to stop learning, working in, and going to school. However, my passion is not in higher education.  My passion is in health, fitness, wellness, money, and ... *drumroll* ... The Internet!

Somebody once told me that one day, I will run my own small country. I'm not quite there yet, but my blog will hopefully be a start! ;)

I love and appreciate feedback in any form. It's what I need to grow, thrive, and get to know my readers, so please don't be shy with it.

This isn't supposed to be one of those "superwoman" blogs where I tell you all about how clean I keep my home, how perfectly I perform in the gym and workout every day, how I eat healthy at every meal and never cheat, and how every project I attempt is completed with unrealistic excellence. My purpose is to share experience and information and to hopefully gain it in return from my readers.  :)