Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Arnold Classic 2014

Last weekend was my first experience at the annual Arnold Classic Sports Festival. I went with my friend and personal trainer, Wade. I had no idea what to expect. We were driving into Columbus (13 hour drive) planning to wing it and figure things out as we go. There is a huge expo where different vendors are showcasing their products, giving out samples, and sometimes selling their product on site. There are also different events you can watch during the expo and some that you have to purchase tickets for. Wade and I spent two days at the expo and went to two events. These are my personal highlights:

  • The BodyBuilding.com booth - lots of free samples and amazing bodybuilders to meet and take photos with (Bummed I missed Jamie Eason/Middleton!)
  • The Nutrex Booth - lots of free samples and I took a picture with one of my favorite competitors, Larissa Reis! (I went through the line three times because I kept missing her)
  • Watching the Men's Body Building Finals which included Bikini Finals and Strongman Finals
  • Caught a close glimpse of Arnold Swarzenegger
  • The Labella Mafia booth - I purchased FOUR pairs of Bella Falconi's workout pants from her newish line #hardcoreladies
  • Eating the Thurman Burger at the Thurman Cafe - Wade tackled "The Thurminator" - those photos can be found on my Instagram profile
  • Visiting the LifeTime Fitness gym in Upper Arlington

Next time I go, this is what I will do differently:

  • Bring a decent camera (Sorry, no good pictures to share!)
  • Book a hotel or motel ahead of time (Duh...)
  • Purchase tickets to see the women's figure and physique pre-judging and competitions
  • Wear more comfortable shoes
  • Bring a girlfriend or two along
  • Explore more of the expo
  • If my finances permit, buy the fricken VIP pass because I KNOW it would be worth it!!!

By the way, if you're looking for a humble, reliable trainer, Wade goes above and beyond for you in the gym and also as a support system outside the gym. He pays close attention to your unique needs and knows what your body can handle. He is easily accessible when I have questions or concerns, the workouts are a ton of fun, and he always makes me feel accomplished at the end of the session. If you want to get in touch with him, send him an email: wade.engebretson@gmail.com

Stay #healthywholebeautiful XO

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