Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Carrot Pudding

There is nothing more comforting when you're feeling under the weather and when it's fricken cold outside than snuggling under the blankets with some comfort food. Ya sure ya betcha, it's fricken cold here in Minnesota, not just cold. It makes me want to plop on the couch with Sherlock, a blanket, and a tub of ice cream. Ice cream in the winter? Don't judge -- It's a Minnesota thing. Anyway, diving into a bowl of carrot pudding is not quite the same but it is just as comforting plus it's squeezing in an extra serving of veggies and healthy fats. :) 

Those are definitely zebra long johns (I never shut up about them) and they match my bed sheets. You can never have too much zebra in your life. That's my life motto. #zebracandee

I stumbled across this recipe from Empowered Sustenance on Pinterest. The only thing I will note for those of you who will freak out over the butter content is that butter is NOT your enemy. Especially not raw, grassfed butter. Do some research and remember that moderation is key. 


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